Safe, Fun and Exciting

Once-In-A-Lifetime High Adventure Experience

We have been back in the office and the awe of our experiences is still very much a reality. Our “Once-In-A-Lifetime High Adventure Experience” was all I could have dreamed of and more. Every detail was taken care of, and all excursions were perfect. We hiked for 5 amazing days, and each day there was something to look forward. Every single accommodation was of really high quality. The food was fantastic and the included meals more than generous. I thought the balance between nature and culture, action and rest days was really well-judged. I enjoyed watching the landscape change. I am so happy that I discovered Pramod. He is perfect for the business that goes with the flow, is fun, and is really adventurous.      

General Manager - HR

It was 10/10 amazing

It was 10/10 amazing. People at our organization are very diverse with a great dynamic but I got really impressed with the incredible amount of planning and execution during the program. I loved the way a large group was converted into smaller ones and people got immersed in very interesting set of activities. They were simply amazing, high energy and full of learnings. Thanks for this very uniquely awesome experience, unexpectedly safe and comfortable outbound program. “This program will truly turn out as “off the beaten path” adventure for our employees.    

Chief Human Resources Officer

Responsible, Responsive, Diligent, Thorough

Pramod and his team represent the absolute best in class, cutting edge and creative outbound programs. They are the epitome of what you expect from a partner working with you to deliver outstanding solutions and results for clients: responsible, responsive, diligent, thorough, prompt, efficient, effective, innovative and above all really good people to conduct business with. We always felt safe, well taken care of with a very friendly attitude from entire team while they showed us a great time, both fun and educational.    

CHRO and Whole-time Director

My goals were reached and exceeded

My goals were reached and exceeded and I owe so much gratitude to Pramod and his incredible team for making this happen and helping my employees to look at themselves and their customers in such a different light. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!    

Head HR

Curiosity to the fun

Curiosity to the fun. I could see the puzzlement turning into wonderment. There was a great deal of learning that took place and was an excellent way to break up the strategy session we were going through. We were very pleased with how the activities unfolded during the day. In fact, teams are still talking and using the language used during the program.    

Corporate Head HR

Trainers and activity experts are excellent

All of the trainers and activity experts are excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable and created positive learning environments. As the Director of Training, I received nothing but positive feedback about all of the instructors who came to us via Pramod." Thanks so much Pramod for making my job a breeze.

Director Training

Thanks to Pramod and his team for a great experience and long-lasting memory.

With a diverse range of interests and fitness levels, we were really confused and worried about whether Outbound is a perfect match or not, but it was. What a fantastic way to spend time building communication, teamwork, and leadership capacity for the entire group! Working the yoga in as a nice start, and then the friendly competitive atmosphere during the 3 days outbound program. Daily morning Yoga sessions blew my mind. Thanks to Pramod and his team for a great experience and long-lasting memory.    

Chief Financial Officer

Very professional and great value

The structure of the day and choice of activities meant that everyone was engaged and included - you could be inside or outside, adventurous or low-key, but no matter what you will have fun, learn something new, and build relationships with colleagues. Very professional and great value demonstrated by Pramod.    

Managing Director

Believe to be quite unique

Pramod is one of the champions in providing focused learning & development solutions using outbound platforms. He always shows great attention to employee’s needs, health and safety whether they are senior leadership role holders or junior executives and aligned the adventures activities for experiential learning. His methodology, I believe to be quite unique. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for outbound learnings in a unique way.    

Lead Learning & Development

mission accomplished – thank you Pramod!

Our group was smiling, ear to ear, from the moment Pramod said "Go!" until long after the group scores were announced at the end of each day. When we came upon the first challenge, we thought there was no way we would complete it in time, we felt doomed! However, with the subtle guidance of our activity facilitator, we came together and finished in what felt like record time! Moving forward, our team leader thoughtfully pointed out our strengths, giving us the motivation to keep going. Our hearts raced activity after activity and we ran together as a team, not leaving anyone behind... but of course, there was just enough time for a group photo before we completed the 4 days outbound program! It was the perfect team-building experience for our group. We wanted to have fun, get more comfortable with each other, and learn about the various dynamics of team members; mission accomplished - thank you Pramod!    

Managing Director

Highly recommended!!!

The team-building program with Pramod was just amazing. His entire team were so knowledgeable and friendly and designed great activities to suit the dynamics of my diverse team. There was definitely a lot of bonding, fun and renewed sense of self after the day out. Highly recommended!!!    

Director - Plant

Prepared and professional with their deliveries.

Whenever we think about outbound programs, Pramod’s name comes in the first place that comes to mind. We found the hidden gem few years back and our 500+ employees including me are absolutely blown away by the kind of experience Pramod and his team has given. Many thanks to Pramod and his colleagues for being incredibly prepared and professional with their deliveries. They think outside the box with incorporating our Company Core Values throughout the fun activity and supplied the manpower to make sure each of our groups had a facilitator accompany them throughout their adventure. We absolutely recommend him for the priceless experiences.    

GPHR · HR lead

New experiences together as a team.

Our thanks to Pramod and his team for a great team-building day! We found there was a good mixture of team-building exercises and adventure activities and all the activities allowed us to have new experiences together as a team.    

Head HR

Time flies when you’re having fun!

The whole program was beautifully orchestrated and highly organized without feeling rigid or prescriptive. Our team had an amazing time, in a beautiful setting. We all learned a lot about one another and felt energized after overcoming challenges together. I only wish we would had opted for a little longer outbound program instead of a day - time flies when you're having fun!

Director Product Supply

Professional fulfilment

Pramod is dear and the finest professional friend whom I know since past 7 years. He is a person who will ensure no stone left unturned when it comes to professional fulfilment. His passion and perfection for outbound activities have forced HR fraternity to believe that training is not just a matter of doing things in the conference hall. Following corporate ethics is his way of living life. I am happy and proud to be associated with him. Wish him great success is all his endeavours.    

Assistant General Manager - HR

Deliver a high impact team building workshop

I have known Pramod for more than 10 years now and had the opportunity to see him evolve from his role of Business Development to a full-time Outbound Trainer, both of which I feel he has delivered with passion and finesse. A pleasant disposition along with a genuine interest to help and connect has always made him a ‘go-to person for me. As an outbound trainer, Pramod at a young age brings many strengths which are otherwise expected out of a seasoned trainer with decades of experience. Starting from a wide range of outbound activities with the required complexity, ability to customize these activities to meet the client objectives, energy levels and the knack to relate with the workplace issues, he and his team are quite well equipped to deliver a high impact team building workshop.

Assistant General Manager - HR

The whole event full of learning and fun

Outbound expedition and activity, particularly for corporate employees, requires meticulous planning and strategic handling of the participants. Pramod is an outbound expert in seamlessly handling such tricky events. His passion, energy and deft dealing of a participant in any outbound program is remarkable and makes the whole event full of learning and fun.

Chief People Officer & Head Legal
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